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Miz Dialogue Gustav (Oval) / SPM

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[Staff comment]
"Jean" is close to a perfect circle, while "Gustav" has a slightly oval shape.

The part of the nose pad is a type without pad called "Ichiyama type",
It has a neat appearance and is comfortable to wear without being conscious of wearing glasses.

Since there is no pad, it may slip off easily.
After changing the lens, we recommend a firm fitting at an optician.

Fitting, maintenance, etc. are available at any time after purchase at the Blink store. Please feel free to contact us.

The material, Sun Platinum, is a white alloy developed in Japan in 1930. It has an excellent affinity with the body and is resistant to deterioration over time. Because it is a material that is easy to rework, it has properties that can be used for frame customization and repair.

Width 116mm
Temple length 145mm
Lens size (width x height) 45mm x 43mm
Bridge 21mm
Material Sun Platinum

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