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Non-prescription lenses / for date glasses (UV cut, anti-reflection type) Delivery around 3 days

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Since the glasses have been carefully selected, even if you use them as date glasses, you want to put in proper lenses.

To protect your eyes, it is recommended that you replace them with solid lenses instead of the dummy lenses that were initially used.

This product has a multi-coating that prevents light reflection and a UV cut function that protects the eyes from ultraviolet rays, so while protecting the eyes, there is no reflection of the lens even when seen by other people, and the face can be seen clearly. It's the point.

If you would like to buy date glasses at the blink online shop, please purchase these lenses along with your favorite frames.
*The lens cannot be purchased alone.
*The price is for a pair of 2 pieces.
*It will take about 3 days to finish.

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