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Earl of East | Earl of East Candle M size

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“Bathing Line” was inspired by the custom of valuing Japanese bathing. A blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, and mandarin is a scent that imagines Japan's "hot spring" culture. It creates a luxurious and restful environment before bedtime. Also, when you enter the hot spring, please spend time relaxing with the natural scent so that your body and mind will be relieved.

A blend of cedarwood, oakmoss and black pepper. The “Bathing Line” was created by their imagination from “forest bathing”, which is known as a unique relaxation method in Japan. The scent of damp forest soil and moss drifts in the air, creating a calming space when you come in contact with nature. It is also recommended when you want to take a break during the day.

Made in England
Contents [M size] 170ml
Burning time 35-40 hours Ingredients Soy wax 100%

Earl of East
London based fragrance brand founded by Niko Dafkos and Paul Firmin in 2014. We produce various products in our London atelier under the theme of "Travel and Memories". The candle is made from 100% soybean-derived soy wax that does not use any chemical fragrances, the wick is made of natural cotton, and the bottle is a beautiful amber-colored jar used by pharmacists.
In addition, they have a connection with Japan, as they have a series called “Japanese Bathing Line” inspired by Japanese bathing culture, and the products they create are very familiar to Japanese people. ??Experience their tasteful products that will make your casual time a little richer.

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