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EB Meyrowitz|EB Meyrowitz Marcel / col.101 (Black)

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Established in 1875, EB Mellowitz is a long-established eyewear brand in Paris.
This Marcel is a voluminous round made based on the celluloid round glasses that the French playwright Marcel Achard used. A classic French vintage design.
The glossy black frame is unique, but people who like it like it. A classic one. Karl Lagerfeld likes to wear a black Marcel with polarized gray lenses.

Width 138mm
Temple length 145mm
Lens size (horizontal × vertical) 44mmx43mm
Bridge 28mm
Material Acetate

EB meyrowitz|EB meyrowitz
A long-established eyewear brand in Paris founded in 1875.
In addition to being recognized as a luxury brand with its presence and reliable manufacturing, in the 1960s it became the status of celebrities and fashion people around the world to order glasses at the boutique in Place Vendôme, Paris. While continuing to make long-selling eyeglasses that have remained unchanged for over 50 years, the eyeglass brand has a spirit that continues to evolve as an eyewear store through precise custom-made products using computers and the release of new products.

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