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CUBITTS Cartwright (M)

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*This is M size.

[Staff comment]
A modern interpretation and reconstruction of the style that was popular in France in the late 1940s.

We pursued a beautiful balance by making fine adjustments to the "crown panto" type with a flat top and geometric design.

The lens size is also small, so it is also recommended for those with strength numbers.

Width 136.6mm
Temple length 145mm
Lens size (width x height) 45.5mm x 39.2mm
Bridge 22.5mm
Rim thickness 2.4mm

Material Acetate

CUBITTS CUBITTS is a brand that has created a new trend in the British eyewear industry.
Blink is the first store in Japan that sells this product.

Founder Tom Broughton established the brand in 2012, greatly influenced by the methods and ideas of architect Louis Cubitt.
(Lewis Cubitt is best known for designing the world-famous King's Cross Station, which brought modern architectural systems to London in the 1800s.)

The reason why it is said to be an innovative manufacturer is that it questioned the conventional high-end-oriented high-cost distribution system and completed everything from product planning to retailing in-house. The point is that we have built a system that allows many people to easily purchase our products while maintaining quality and keeping prices low.

It can be said that it is an excellent brand in terms of design, quality and cost performance.

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