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blinc original collection box (for 2 bottles)

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Two types have appeared in the popular collection case.

We created a sturdy collection case in response to the voice of "I want a case that can carefully store the increasing number of glasses and sunglasses."

Holds 2 eyewear. The zipper is easy to open and close, and the thick material makes it safe to carry. With blinc logo. Almost no sense of style. It's a simple and playful design, but it's a practical and affordable product.

The size is easy to carry, so it is convenient for scenes such as storing sunglasses and reading glasses when going out.

*Due to the packaging size of this product, there is a limit of 4 purchases at a time.
If you would like to purchase more than 5 pieces, please contact us before ordering.

Size Horizontal x Vertical: 180mm x 125mm
Thickness: 55mm

Size of one space Horizontal x Vertical: Approx. 160mm x Approx. 50mm
Depth: about 30mm

Material: Synthetic leather Storage capacity: 2
*The glasses in the case are not included.
*This item is not eligible for wrapping.

【frequently asked Questions】

●Tightly curved frame ●Big-shaped sunglasses

etc. may not be included.
A medium-sized frame is built into a space just large enough to not sway inside.

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