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Elder_ARAOKAGANKYO|Elder_ARAOKAGANKYO (Type 2022) solid pink / colored glass (dark)

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Araoka Megane's first original model "Elder_ARAOKAGANKYO".
The material has been renewed to "M49", a bioplastic that returns to the soil.

"Elder_ARAOKAGANKYO" is based on the "brow line" that Hideyoshi Araoka, the founder of Araoka Megane (since 1940), used all his life. Mr. Koichi Futatsumata (CASE-REAL / KOICHI FUTATSUMATA STUDIO), who is active in Japan and overseas as a space and product designer, worked on the design and released it as the company's 77th anniversary model in 2017. Elder means "elder".

A typical brow line uses acetate material for the upper part of the frame and metal material for the lower part.
It is a model that interprets the brow line with its own formative beauty.

This time, we have prepared three types of lenses (from the top of the second photo): "Glasses type (demo lens)", "Colored glass (thin)", and "Colored glass (dark)". Please choose according to the application.

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Width 139mm
Temple length 145mm
Lens size (horizontal × vertical) 50mmx41mm
Bridge 21mm
Material Frame: Acetate

■ Lineup of 3 types of lenses each

Two types of colored lenses with different densities have been adopted for the sunglasses specifications. Dark lenses that prevent glare absorb light called "ultraviolet rays", "infrared rays" and "luminous lines" that put a strain on the eyes. This is the world's highest quality colored glass lens that incorporates all glass coloring technology.

For light-colored sunglasses, we have prepared low-concentration colored glass lenses that allow you to see through the other person's eyes, which is also a recent trend. It is made of the same material as the ND filter that has a light-reducing effect that is attached to the lens of a camera, and only reduces the amount of light without affecting the color. Even when you wear a mask in your life, the light color gives a gentle impression.

In addition, we have also prepared glasses type with clear demo lenses, considering the use of prescription glasses, sunglasses, date glasses.

■ Profile of Mr. Koichi Futatsumata

Koichi Futatsumata Spatial and product designer. Studied architecture at university and started his own activities immediately after graduation. Currently, based in Fukuoka and Tokyo, he runs both "Case Real", which focuses on spatial design, and "KOICHI FUTATSUMATA STUDIO", which specializes in product design. He has worked on a wide range of designs in Japan and overseas, from interiors and architecture to furniture and products. Major spatial works include interior design for the Japanese confectionery store Suzukake and Arts & Science Fukuoka, collaboration with the skin care brand Aesop, and Sea Restaurant in Teshima, Kagawa Prefecture. In terms of products, he designed a vacuum tube amplifier “22” which is in the permanent collection of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and has released “KIULU BENCH” from Finnish interior brand Artek and “SAND” from Tendo Mokko. We work with great brands. Visiting professor at Kobe Design University from 2021

■ Production factory "Taniguchi Megane"

Japan is known as one of the world's three major eyeglass production areas, and most of the eyeglass production is concentrated in Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture. Among the many factories, Taniguchi Megane stands out for its high technical capabilities. Our eyeglass manufacturing philosophy, which is backed up by technology, aims to create products that are close to people by considering “comfort” from the user's point of view, rather than focusing on modeling.

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